The company “GNTC Gorenje Niti Tiki” was founded in 1975 by Mr. Aqif KADRIU and was continued by his two sons, Zijush and Fatmir KADRIU.

During this time, the company had the capacity to deliver its products to the three markets in the region: Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro.

 In 1999, the company entered the Kosovo market with agreement with Gorenje – Slovenia to be an exclusive distributor of all their product assortments.

Since then, the company is present in the Kosovo market located in the peripheral area of ​​Prishtina – Veternik.

Nowadays, GNTC group is present in the Kosovo market with 6 major department stores and 4 smaller shops which makes a total of 10 Gorenje Department Stores.

Throughout the company’s operations in the Kosovo market, it has established its own sales network with 30 franchises – small shops of Gorenje Household appliances covering whole territory of Kosovo.



The first Department Store is located in the capital city of Kosovo, Pristina. It is an attractive department store with a modern look. It has a space of 12,000 m², where 6,500 ² is used for its retail activities, while the rest is used for hotels, administrative offices, conference rooms and closed parking. All of our brands are present at the Department Store in Prishtina. In this center is also Hotel & Restaurant on the 8th floor which has a stunning view from which looks across the city of Prishtina.



Mitrovica is located in the northern part of Kosovo with a total population of 75,000. The second center is located here where it started work in 2010 and has a space of 2,000 m². It offers luxury conditions for its customers, as well as an excellent opportunity for shopping and entertainment. All of our brands are present in the shop in Mitrovica.

By the end of 2012, we have changed the policy of action at this center. All products of OVS – clothes are at 50% discount. Considered as an outlet clothing store. Other brands operate at normal prices in special cases when there are promotions also, they change regarding promotion that is going on.



Prizren is the second largest city in Kosovo. According to 2011 Population Statistics, the total population is 180,000. The economy of Prizren municipality is mainly based on agriculture, trade, food construction and processing – all private enterprises. This is a multiethnic city with a rich history back that makes it interesting to tourists.

In 2011, the third center opened for the public in Prizren with 2,800 m². It is located in the commercial part of the city and provides a good environment for shopping. Consumers have a wide range of ready-made products to meet their needs. All our brands are present in Prizren Store.



Gjilan is located in the south-eastern part of Kosovo, with a total population of around 90,000. The economy of this city is mainly based on small business businesses. Therefore, in May 2012, the company started its activities in Gjilan with 2.000 m², to provide products and services to our customers. As in the three cities and previous centers, the activities are the same.

In 2015, the center was re-located to the commercial part of the city. It is designed with latest collection furniture and operates with all the brands that we cooperate.



Peja is located in the western part of Kosovo with a total population of 175,000. The economy of this city is based mainly on small businesses of trade, agriculture and tourism.

Therefore, in October 2015, the company started its activities with 3,500 m² to provide products and services to our customers. The products and services offered are the same in all locations. All our brands are present in Peja Store.



The newest and most attractive center in the city of Ferizaj has started its work. A new center with a pleasant environment and service with European standards. Space of 9,100 sqm with over 500 parking lots filled with different items for every request of the citizens of Ferizaj.

Many of the well-known brands such as GORENJE, OVS, Poland Furniture, Prity Kamina, FreeOn, Rainbow Café, Pilot, MaxEurope, Fabrizio and many others make the Gorenje Department Store in Ferizaj one of the most complete centers. It is worth noting that Gorenje Department Store in Ferizaj was expanded to 3500m² with furniture parquet with European standards.



At the beginning of the year 2019, GNTC group expanded its Department Stores in four different cities of Kosovo. Stores are covered with products and innovations, starting from the point of sale in Lipjan where GNTC has chosen to be close to its customers. Lipjan is a small town but with lots of cultural activities, it is the city that attracted our attention to offer products that have so far been missing from this city.

A center with a space of 2000 m², although with a smaller space than other centers, this center meets all the main needs of a customer. GNTC group in this center is present with brands such as Gorenje-White Appliances, Prity- Stoves, Poland and BRW-Furniture, Free on – baby toys, Pilot and Max Europe – Bicycles.



In June 2019, the city of Vitia is the next town where GNTC group has decided to be present with a total space of ​​700 m². A very pleasant environment for eye and shopping, featuring these activities: Gorenje, Prity, Poland and BRW, Free on, Pilot and Max Europe.



GNTC group continues with the town of Malisheva, a small town with more potential for development.

The selling point in Malishevë has a space of 1200 m², which both inside and out gives the impression of a warm home that meets all the needs of the customer. GDS is also present in brands such as Gorenje, Prity, Poland and BRW, Free on, Pilot and Max Europe.






Last but not least, it is the point of sale in the city of Skenderaj with a space of 1400 m ², which is open with lots of work, presented with many offers, lots of shopping opportunities as well as many reasons to visit the store. Brands that are present at this point and as close to the consumer are: Gorenje, Prity, Poland and BRW, Free on, Pilot and Max Europe.